Top 10 Nativity Images

by Patrick Werick December 07, 2013

These are the ten most popular Nativity images at Restored Traditions. Since 2009, these beautiful artworks of the birth of Jesus Christ have been bought and downloaded more than any other Nativity images sold here (the order of the images goes from most to least downloaded).  

These paintings are a combination of several themes revolving around the birth of Christ in Bethlehem: shepherds, kings, adoration, and the holy family. The only image without the Christ child is #9, which shows the Angel announcing the Nativity to the Shepherds. 

Though there are many typical motifs present, there are a few unusual points we find fascinating:

  • Saint Joseph is sleeping while God the Father and God the Holy Ghost appear at the Nativity in #6. Though Joseph certainly deserves his rest, we usually only see him sleeping in art when the go-to-Egypt-Herod-is-after-ya'll angel appears to him in a dream.
  • The most prominent, gift-giving magi in #2 has taken off his crown and kneels to adore the Christ child. While doing so, he shows us that he's a bearded and bald king — a fashion style we don't normally see in art renditions of the three kings. 
  • A prominently shown Crucifix is painted on the top left of #7. This is certainly a foreshadowing of the reason for God becoming man: Redemption. Once again, though, a motif we don't normally see in Nativity artwork. 

We wish everyone a fruitful Advent season and blessed Christmas!


1. The Adoration of the Shepherds by Esteban Murillo 


2. The Adoration of the Magi by Franz von Rohden 


3. The Adoration of the Shepherds by Bernardo Strozzi 


4. The Adoration of the Magi by Carlo Dolci


5. The Nativity by John Singleton Copley


6. The Nativity with God the Father and Holy Ghost by Giovanni Battista Pittoni


7. The Nativity by Lorenzo Lotto


8. The Holy Night by Carl Heinrich Bloch 


9. The Shepherds and the Angel by Carl Heinrich Bloch 


10. The Nativity by Federico Barocci

Patrick Werick
Patrick Werick


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