Image Use

Can I use these images for commercial purposes?

Absolutely, you can. The legendary stock images at Restored Traditions are royalty free and guaranteed copyright free


Regarding Printing

Can I print xyz image really really big (like 6' x 12')? 

Here's the consideration to make: an image can only be enlarged so much before losing finer details. If you're printing a 5' x 10' banner, for example, our extra-large images will maintain their detail pretty well. Consider, though, that the average viewer of that image is probably going to be standing more than a few feet away. That said, the finer image detail loss will hardly be noticed, while the whole context of the art is viewed and appreciated by your viewer. To illustrate further, If you look at a roadside billboard from a couple feet away you'll start seeing the dots that make up the whole image. Most people don't look that close though. Still not sure? Ask us to email you a free watermarked proof image. 


What are suitable sizes to print these images while maintaining good detail?

As a happy rule of thumb, most medium-sized images will print well in the 8x10 to 11x17 inch range. The small-sized images are designated for web use or small cards. Our Large and Extra-Large images typically print well in the 13x19 - 24x36 inch range. Some images can still go larger or smaller than the rule of thumb specified. If you're uncertain about an image, please ask before purchasing. We offer free watermarked proofs via email. Image size in relation to printing isn't a perfect science, but we're getting closer.


I want to buy a print

We don't offer prints at this time. You can always buy a download and get it printed on your home printer or take the file to a place that prints on demand. 



Buying Process

How do I get my image after buying? 

You'll get an email confirmation that the order was successful and glorious a couple minutes after you buy. Then you'll get a second email with a link to download the art you bought — this usually shows up in your inbox 5-20 minutes after a successful order. If an hour goes by, and you still haven't gotten the email with the download link, email us and we'll send you the purchase faster than you can say Abraham in Aramaic. Sometimes the delivery software has a bad day or goes on strike, but it's still far superior to carrier pigeons. 


What if I lose my download?

No worries — contact us, and we'll email it to you with speed that would make Felix Baumgartner's 2012 space jump look like a cakewalk (assuming we're not down for the night here in Kansas).


Is there an expiration or limit on my downloads?

The email with the download links isn't time sensitive, but the amount of times you can download a purchased image is two.

I’m unsure about this Digital-Schmigital buying & downloading. Can I download for free?

Sure thing. We created a nifty page called Free Download. Click on the currently featured free download (we rotate it from time to time) and go through the whole checkout/ download process without paying. You can checkout as a guest or create an account for quicker checkout in the future.  



Regarding the Images 

Do you add new art images often?

Yes. Check out our New category regularly. We're pretty good about getting new art out there, but once in a while we take a break and watch squirrels do flips outside. 


Will there be a watermark on the image(s) I buy & download?

Nope. Watermarks are for display images or free email proofs.


What format are the images in?

All of the spectacular artwork we offer is sold in the JPEG format. Concerned about quality loss with that sort of compression? Have no fears, we work on our images in their original quality and save them at Maximum Quality as a JPEG. There's virtually no quality loss and, if there is loss, it's the kind of loss that only a theoretical physicist would detect. 


What do those numbers mean in the image description?

Here's the breakdown:

Image Download Description – Sm: 450 x 567 px @ 72ppi | 302KB

Translation – Small Size: 450 by 567 pixels at 72 pixels per inch | 302 Kilobyte JPEG file size

Image Download Description – Lg: 2500 x 3303 px @ 300ppi | 8.5MB

Translation – Large Size: 2500 by 3303 pixels at 300 pixels per inch | 8.5 Megabyte JPEG file Size


Which Bible do you get your Scripture quotes from?

The Latin Vulgate or Douay-Rheims Bible. This bible is found free online at DRBO.ORG, which is a fabulous resource for searching Sacred Scripture. Yep, we have an ad on that site. 

Who is the brains behind your operation?

His name is Dudley.


Aren't you having too much fun writing this FAQ page?

Since the advent of FAQ pages on the web, mankind has suffered through agonizing and tedious FAQ pages that are written in varying degrees of monotonous helpfulness. It's our goal to create history's best FAQ page that's a fun, engaging and informative experience for users.