Holy Cards - How To Make Your Own Prayer Cards

Have someone print custom Holy Cards for you

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Or, tips on printing your own Holy Cards

We've personally made many holy cards in our free time. Learning how to make your own prayer cards is easy! Here's a visual example of how to format holy cards in Microsoft Word (note, you need double-sided printing).



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The above example is for printing a series of holy cards on 8x10 or 8.5x11 sheets of paper, which is ideal for large batches of prayer cards. However, if you only need to make a few holy cards, consider loading 3x5 Avery cards into your printer if it has that capability (this will save you cutting time). When you design your own prayer cards, it's always important to check your printer's features beforehand to see what it can do

Many times we've laminated our Catholic holy cards, because they are usually expected to have a long life. We've laminated them with full 8.5 x 11 sheets of lamination paper, used clear adhesive drawer liner or even wide tape. When you create your own prayer cards, it’s important to laminate them before cutting them apart, as this will make them much more attractive.

As a side note, we know of people who have made 'cause' cards such as pro-life messages or even thank-you cards. There’s so many wonderful things to do once you have quality art images to use. You’ll be able to produce quality, traditional items unavailable elsewhere!

Here is a Catholic holy card we made as an internal request from one of our wives. It actually doesn’t exist anywhere else, and it has proven to be a favorite around here.

We would like to share this free holy card design with you. Just copy the images (front and back files) and print them.



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