About Us

How the Catholic art project started

Around the time Steve Jobs was giving a commencement address at Stanford, a retired business guru in Kansas wanted to find some digital Catholic art online to print cards for his dear wife — his name was Dudley. Most of what Dudley found online was poor quality or downright uninspiring. If he did find art he liked, it became an expensive and tedious task to acquire it. Figuring that others were probably just as frustrated, he began a die-hard life mission to gather a collection of the world's best old-school Catholic art under one roof. The Catholic Art project had begun; Restored Traditions was born.


How it grew

Dudley applied his lifetime of art skills to experiment with different things in the Catholic image world. While on this journey of discovery and sharing, he providentially ran into his old friend, Patrick, over a cup of medium-roast coffee with subtle infusions of dark chocolate. They caught up, talked about developing trends in French-Press technology, and Dudley told Patrick about his new found mission of creating a repository of the finest religious imagery. Patrick shared the vision and went to town with Dudley on creating the world's finest collection of Catholic art online. More followed, global clients became thrilled repeat customers and the project grew. 


Where it is today

We're still discovering unprecedented amounts of inspirational imagery and adding it to the growing collection online. Today's dream-team staff includes folks with backgrounds in graphic art, printing technology, art history, copy writing with teeth, photography, stellar customer service, and effective business management. It's an exciting journey to collect, remaster and restore old artwork; it's what we restore at Restored Traditions. We feel incredibly blessed and grateful to look at the world's best art, pixel by pixel, day in and year out. Great feedback keeps coming in for this collection we've created for you, so we keep restoring, uploading and writing about the art that has the power to change your life. It's changed ours.