Queen of Kings

The Madonna of Catholic kings illustrates the Virgin Mary holding the child Jesus being adored by prominent Catholic figures around the time of the composition of this painting. Mary and Jesus, prominently sitting on an ornate throne and garbed in rich vestments, watch over and protect those who pray to them.

King Ferdinand V is kneeling on the left with St. Thomas Aquinas
standing (holding the church); a young Don Juan kneels to the right of Ferdinand. Queen Isabelle is kneeling on the right with Saint Dominic above her, holding the lily and book.

A primary point to be drawn from the painting is the idea that authority comes from God first—then temporal and spiritual leaders. The King, Queen and Saints in this image all testify to the fact by showing the due respect to God and His mother.


Title: Madonna of Catholic Kings   |   Artist: Gallego

Patrick Werick
Patrick Werick


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