The Liturgical Year in Religious Art

A beautiful piece of classic art reflecting the liturgy for every Sunday & Holy Day in the Latin-Extraordinary Form; Now for sale as a winzip image bundle. View the Artwork Here

This was one of our most favorite projects EVER at Restored Traditions: find a piece of classic art that drives home the message for every single Sunday and Holy Day of obligation in the liturgical year. We used the 1962 Missal for this, also called the Extraordinary Form.

Instead of staying with one artist or style, we gave a variety of genres from the old-school religious art world. We think that there's really something for everyone in here. Special thanks go out to guys like Michelangelo, Murillo, Tissot, Bloch, iconographers and many more wonderful artists from days gone by that made this Catholic art happen.

Primarily, we drew from the Gospel (Latin Rite) of the day to choose the art image. In some cases, we simply went with the theme of the Sunday (e.g. Palm Sunday); whereas in other cases we drew from the Epistle. The only non-biblical reference was taken from the autobiography of Saint Patrick for his feastday (Holy Day in Ireland). We included art for the Holy Days of obligation as they are observed in more than 10 countries, which should cover almost everything. We also threw in the Feast of Christ the King!

We posted the accompanying Scripture quote the art is derived from, followed by a brief commentary on the piece. Click on the thumbnails to view the full images on their prospective product pages.

View the Artwork of the Liturgical Year. 

Patrick Werick
Patrick Werick


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