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by Patrick Werick August 29, 2013

The midnight oil burned out two months ago, and now we're pleased to announce the launch of our completely redesigned website! We even got a new nifty logo.

The essential focus of the website makeover was enhanced functionality and minimal design—after all, we want you to focus on the Catholic images, not the color of a navigation bar.

The biggest advantage of our new Catholic art site is the ability to have one image sold in multiple sizes within the same product listing. Before, if we wanted to sell the image in two different sizes, we had to create two product listings, which was downright confusing for customers (and us). 

In order to better adapt to the needs of our clients, we created a new hierarchy of image sizes and pricing: 

  • The Small Size for Web, Mobile and smaller print jobs 
  • The Medium Size for bigger web displays, printing or graphic design elements
  • The Large Size for larger print jobs or work needing much greater detail (not available for every image)
  • The XLarge Size for when you need an ungodly and unprecedented image size to see the brushstrokes of the artist or the weave style of the canvas (once again, not available for every image) 

Another enhancement to the website is the image zoom feature for each image, which is really accurate. If you're still unsure about whether an image will work for your project, we've also rolled out complimentary image proofs. Ask, and we'll email a watermarked proof. 

Every bit of content was redone, edited and updated. Every Catholic image download we sell went through our 5-point quality check again. And the architecture of site navigation was scrutinized down to a level of detail that would make your German woodworking uncle proud.  

Thanks again to all our loyal clients who've made Restored Traditions Earth's best resource for Catholic art online since the Bush Administration!

Patrick Werick
Patrick Werick


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