Adoration of the Trinity

by Isabella Childs January 08, 2021

Triune God

    This is a wonderfully inspired image of the saints adoring the Blessed Trinity in Heaven, by German Renaissance artist, Durer. The artwork's vivid colors, combined with its impressive design, evoke celestial thoughts.

    The top of the painting is dome-shaped. The background of the upper part of the painting is a pale blue sky with white clouds.

    The Three Persons of the Blessed Trinity are positioned in the air, at the top center of the painting. Jesus hangs on a cross. He has shoulder-length brown hair, a beard, and medium skin. He wears a crown of thorns His head and a white cloth around His waist. The Savior’s skin is unbloodied. The Father sits behind the Son. The Father is portrayed with medium skin and a long gray beard. He wears a gold crown with a red cloth covering His head beneath the crown. The Father wears a light blue robe and a light green cloak with a gold border. The cloak is clasped across His shoulders with gold. The Father holds out both of His arms, placing each of His hands on either side of the cross so that His cloak extends behind and across the cross on which the Son hangs. The Holy Ghost, in the form of a dove, hovers above the Father and the Son. Yellow light surrounds the Holy Ghost. 

    A small group of cherubs hovers on either side of the Holy Ghost.

     Two angels, wearing golden cloaks, holds either end of the Father’s outstretched cloak. Behind each of these angels is a group of angels. The angels mostly have red, white, and green robes and wings.

    Below the angels, on either side of the painting, is a group a saints. The saints kneel in the air, facing the Blessed Trinity. The saints kneeling in the air on the left side of the painting are women. The saints kneeling in the air on the right side of the painting are men. Most of the women hold palms in their hands. The saints are dressed mainly in red, gold, brown, and blue. Some wear gold crowns.

    Further down in the sky, kneeling on a lower cloud, is another group of saints. This group fills the lower center and sides of the painting. They are dressed in various styles and colors. Some are dressed as clerics and nuns, some as kings, and many as courtiers. The saints looks up at the Trinity and converse with each other.

    The very bottom of the painting consists of a small sliver of pale blue sky, a white mountain range, and two small green hills on either side of the painting. A few small, dark green trees stand on each hill. A man dressed in a brown robe and a red turban stands on the hill on the right side, facing forwards. The man places his right hand on a large white sign which stands on the ground in front of him and to his right side. The sign is white, with letters on it and a golden frame surrounding it.

    Download this digitally-restored image.

Isabella Childs
Isabella Childs


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