Last Supper

by Isabella Childs December 30, 2020

meal of Jesus and apostles

     This painting of the Last Supper  by the Master of the Housebook is unrealistic in style, yet it still fittingly portrays the event.

   The rectangular table, covered with a white cloth and positioned at the center of the painting, is depicted as if the viewer of the painting were seeing it from above.

    Christ sits at the head of the table. He is larger than the apostles. This difference illustrates the Savior’s superiority. Christ has white skin, dark brown hair, and a light brown beard. He wears a dark teal robe. There is a gold cruciform halo around His head. The Savior inclines His head slightly, taking a piece of food from the platter in front of Him with His right hand. A tiny, intact lamb sits on the platter. Also in front of Christ on the table, there is a gold chalice filled with red wine and a small gold plate with pieces of bread. Christ’s left hand is laid on Saint John’s back. St. John leans against Christ’s chest with his face pointed downwards. St. John has long, light brown hair. He wears a bright red robe. A gold halo surrounds his head.

    Saint Peter sits at Christ's right. St. Peter has thin gray hair and a beard. He wears a black robe. A gold halo surrounds his head. He crosses his hands at his chest and looks at the Savior. St. Peter is almost as large as Christ.

   To Christ’s left side, sits another apostle. This apostle is about the same size as St. Peter. He has shoulder-length, dark brown hair and a light brown beard. He wears a teal robe. A gold halo surrounds his head. The apostle folds his hands while looking towards Christ.

    The other nine apostles sit around the table. Four sit on the left side, three sit on the right side, and two sit at the foot of the table. One of the apostles sitting at the foot of the table is Judas. Judas has turned in his chair, looking down at his sack of money. Unlike the other apostles, Judas doesn’t have a gold halo around his head. The apostles wear brightly colored clothes. They have small, round loaves in front of them. The apostles are much smaller than Christ.

    In the foreground of the painting, a covered basket sits on the floor.

    In the background of the painting, there are arches. The blue and orange sky is visible through the arches.

    Buy the digitally-restored image here.

Isabella Childs
Isabella Childs


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