Our Lady of Perpetual Help

by Isabella Childs January 12, 2021

Madonna and Boy

   This is an image of the famous icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

   In the icon, the Blessed Mother wears a large black cloak over her head, shoulders, and chest. There are gold lines on the cloak. There are two golden stars on Mary’s veil, above her forehead. On her head, beneath her cloak, Our Lady wears a green cloth. Our Lady also wears a red dress, with long sleeves, beneath her cloak. A golden crown rests on the Blessed Mother’s head, and a patterned halo surrounds her head. The crown is intricately carved and has green and red jewels on it.

    Our Lady has medium skin and light brown eyes. She holds the Child Jesus with her left arm and holds Christ's two hands with her right hand. The Blessed Mother inclines her head slightly to her left. She gazes at the viewer of the painting.

    The Child Jesus wears a green robe, a red sash, and a gold cloak. All of His clothes have gold lines woven through them. Jesus appears to be a young boy, although He is disproportionately small for his apparent age. He wears a golden crown on His head, and a halo surrounds His head. The Child’s crown and halo are similar to those of His Mother.

     Christ has medium skin, short light brown hair, and light brown eyes. The Child sits, resting on His mother’s left hand. His body points towards the left side of the painting, but He turns His head towards the right side of the painting. A sandal dangles from the Child’s left foot.

    The background of the painting is gold. There are some Greek letters and two angels in the background. 

    The letters, in red paint, are on either side of Our Lady’s head, near the top of her halo. The angels are also on either side of Our Lady’s halo, but they are positioned below the letters.

    The angels are depicted as young boys. They are portrayed only with upper bodies. Both angels have pale skin and long, light brown hair. The angel on the left side of the painting wears a light purple robe and a dark green cloak. He has green and gold wings. A halo, made up of small yellow dots, surrounds his head. This angel holds a brown spear with a white tip and another brown instrument of torture in a brown container. He inclines his head, looking towards the Blessed Mother and her Son. The angel on the right side of the painting wears a light purple robe. He has wings and a halo similar to those which the other angel has. This angel holds a long brown cross, with three horizontal beams on it, in front of himself with both hands. Like the angel on the left, the angel on the right inclines his head, looking at Mother and Child.

    Download this quality stock art.

Isabella Childs
Isabella Childs


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