St. Francis and the Birds

by Isabella Childs January 02, 2021

Franciscan saint in nature

    This is an image of Giotto's fresco depicting Saint Francis  of Assisi preaching to birds.

    In the fresco, St. Francis stands on the grass, facing a group of birds gathered in front of him. 

St. Francis and his fellow friar are dressed in the traditional brown garb of the Franciscans. They each have a ring of hair on their heads. The outline of a halo surrounds the saint’s head.

The friar standing behind St. Francis raises his right hand and looks stern.

St. Francis extends his right hand to the crowd of birds. The birds are a variety of species. There are ducks, ravens, and even a rooster. Two birds are swooping down from the sky to join their companions.

    Beside the birds, on the right side of the painting, is a tree.

    The yellow background of the painting occupies much of the image. The background has various creases in it such that it appears mosaic-like.

    Download the high-quality image here.

Isabella Childs
Isabella Childs


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