St. Joseph With the Child Jesus, by Murillo

by Isabella Childs January 07, 2021


    This is a touching painting of Saint Joseph with the Child Jesus, by Spanish Baroque painter, Bartolome Esteban Murillo.

    St. Joseph sits and supports the Child Jesus, Who stands beside Him on a bench.

    Joseph is closer to the left side of the painting. He appears to be about thirty years old. He has medium skin, short dark brown hair, and a beard. Joseph wears a brown robe. A reddish-brown cloak is laid across his lap. St. Joseph looks downwards and to his left, in the direction of the Divine Child. His left arm is around the Child’s body. With his right hand he holds the Child’s left hand.

    The Child Jesus appears to be about two years old. He has pale skin, reddish-gold hair, and golden-brown eyes. He wears only a white cloth around His waist. The Divine Child stands with His body facing St. Joseph, with His head turned towards the viewer of the painting. Jesus holds a stalk with white flowers in His left hand.

    The background of the painting is composed of various shades of brown.

    Download this beautifully-restored image.

Isabella Childs
Isabella Childs


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