The Baptism of Our Lord

by Isabella Childs December 31, 2020

Jesus at the river

    This is a painting of the Baptism of Our Lord, by Antoine Coypel.

    In the painting, Christ kneels on some rocks in front of a small pool of water. The Savior has pale skin and light brown hair. He wears a blue cloak, which hangs from his left shoulder.  The Savior gazes downwards, crossing his hands at his chest, while Saint John the Baptist pours water over His head.

    St. John stands over Christ, pouring water over the Savior’s head with a large shell. John has shoulder-length, brown hair and a thin beard. He wears a fur tunic and a red cloak, which is wrapped around his waist. St. John the Baptist looks upwards, above Christ’s head, at the Holy Ghost.

    The Holy Ghost is depicted as a dove, surrounded by a circle of light, in the air above Our Lord’s head.

    Above the Holy Ghost is God the Father. Only His face, hands, and part of His robe are visible. The Father is depicted as an old man with flowing white hair and a beard. He looks down at Christ while extending both of His hands slightly to either side. Above the Father’s head are some dark clouds. Between the clouds and the Father’s head, there is some yellow light. The outlines of cherubs are visible in the yellow light. Two angels, positioned behind Christ, hold up a white cloth behind the Savior’s head.

    Download the digitally-restored artwork here.

Isabella Childs
Isabella Childs


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