Adoration of the Magi

by Isabella Childs December 31, 2020

three wisemen at the manger

    This is a painting of the Magi adoring the Christ Child, by Rubens.

    The Blessed Virgin, the Christ Child, Saint Joseph, and the three kings are gathered in the stable.

    On the left side of the painting, Our Lady holds the Baby Jesus so that the Magi can present their gifts to Him. Mary has white skin and brown hair. She wears a light blue dress. The Blessed Virgin holds the Child Jesus so that the infant sits upright on a white pillow on the manger. The Child Jesus has very pale skin and light hair. St. Joseph stands behind the Blessed Mother on the left side of the painting. He has brown hair and a beard. He wears a yellow cloak.

    One of the Magi kneels in front of the Child, presenting a gold chalice. The Blessed Virgin holds the Child’s left hand so that it touches the chalice. The king holding the chalice has pale skin, white hair, and a beard. He wears a golden cloak and furs. He looks down at the Christ Child, placing his right hand over his heart.

    Another of the Magi stands beside the kneeling king. He has pale skin, dark gray hair, and a beard. He wears a large red cloak with gold designs on it. He holds a golden thurible with both hands while stooping slightly to look at the Christ Child.

    Two children stand behind the second of the Magi, half concealed by the king’s large red cloak.

    The third king stands near the other two Magi. This king has dark skin. He wears a large white turban and a green cloak. He gazes at the Blessed Virgin while holding open a small, gold box.

    Behind the Magi is a group of courtiers, crowding the large, wooden arch which forms the opening of the stable. Some of the courtiers wear armor; some wear turbans. Several courtiers descending steps in the background carry torches.

    Part of the gray sky shows in the background. There is the outline of a tree branch against the sky.

    Download the beautiful, restored image here.

Isabella Childs
Isabella Childs


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