The Heavenly Shepherdess

by Isabella Childs December 31, 2020

woman with sheep and angels

    This is an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Heavenly Shepherdess, by Llorente.

    Mary sits at the center of the painting in a brown landscape. The Blessed Mother has pale skin and light brown hair. She wears a light pink dress, a white fleece vest, a blue cloak, and a brown veil. There is a straw hat on her back.

    The Heavenly Shepherdess gazes downwards and to her right at a white lamb, laying her right hand on its head. There is another lamb standing besides the lamb closest to Mary. Three other lambs are gathered at the Virgin’s left side. She holds out two white flowers to them with her left hand. Every one of the lambs in the painting carries a white flower in its mouth.

    There is a tree overhanging the Shepherdess and the lambs on the left side of the painting. Two cherubs hold on to a bough of the tree. There are four other cherubs in the sky beside the two cherubs in the tree.

    Behind the Shepherdess and the lambs, on the dark landscape, three figures are faintly visible.

    The sky is filled with gray clouds.

    Download this beautiful, digitally-restored image here.

Isabella Childs
Isabella Childs


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