Nativity With God the Father and Holy Ghost

by Isabella Childs January 05, 2021

adoration at the crib

    This is a rendition of the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, by late-Baroque Venetian painter, Giambattista Pittoni.

    The newborn Savior lies on a straw-covered manger in the center of the painting. The Divine Infant has white skin and light brown hair. He lies on a white cloth placed atop the straw.

    The Blessed Virgin Mary kneels at the right side of the painting, facing the manger. The Blessed Mother has white skin and long, light brown hair. She wears a pale red dress and a blue cloak. She gazes down at the Child Jesus while placing her left hand on her chest and holding a piece of the white cloth with her right hand

    Saint Joseph sits in front of the manger on the left side of the painting. Christ's foster father has gray hair and a beard. He wears a blue robe and a yellow cloak. His head is bowed in sleep. His left hand is laid across his lap and his right hand reaches towards his travelling stick, which is on the ground at his right side.

    In the background of the Nativity scene, God the Father looks down at His Son from behind a cloud. The Father is depicted as an old man with pale skin, white hair, and a beard. He wears a pale purple robe and a cloak of the same color. 

    The Holy Ghost, depicted as a dove, hovers above the Child Jesus, below the Father.

    An angel, depicted as a young man with white skin, light brown hair, and a cloak, is positioned at the Father’s right hand. This angel holds a piece of the Father’s cloak and gazes down at the Holy Infant.

    There are two cherubs’ heads beneath the Holy Ghost and above the Child Jesus. There is a third cherub’s head facing the Father on the right side of the painting.

    The sky in the background of the painting is a pale purplish-pink. Three cherubs are faintly visible in the sky on the right side of the painting. 

    Download this digitally-restored image here.

Isabella Childs
Isabella Childs


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