The Resurrection, by Rubens

by Isabella Childs January 04, 2021

Our Lord stepping out of grave

    This is an image of Jesus Christ's Resurrection on early Easter morning, by the famous Flemish Baroque painter, Peter Paul Rubens.

    The Savior stands on a rock at the right side of the painting. He has white skin, shoulder-length brown hair, a beard, and brown eyes. Christ wears only a white cloth which is draped over His right shoulder and around His waist. Christ’s right foot rests on the rock and his left foot is below the rock. The Savior holds up a red flag on a long brown pole with His left hand and a feather in His right hand. Rays of white light surround Christ’s head. There are dark gray clouds behind the Savior’s head.

    There is a crowd of soldiers below Christ, mostly on the left side of the painting.

    In the background, are the faces of two soldiers, who look up at Jesus with frightened eyes. Beside these two soldiers, another soldier attempts to flee the Savior.

    Three soldiers crouch on the ground in front of Christ. Two of these soldiers are half-dressed, wearing only cloths around their waists and sandals. Only part of the third soldier’s body is visible on the right side of the image.

    Part of the bright blue sky is visible in the left upper corner of the painting. There are a few white clouds in the sky. A couple of dark trees stand out against the sky.

    Download this digitally-restored image here.


Isabella Childs
Isabella Childs


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