Jesus Christ

Adoration of the Magi - Rubens

     This image, by artist P. Rubens, shows the three Wise Men adoring the Christ Child. The Blessed Virgin stands, supporting the Infant Jesus so that He sits on a cushion. St. Joseph stands behind her, with folded hands. Mary holds Christ's hand to the golden chalice, presented by the eldest of the Kings, who kneels before the Infant. The other two Magi, bend over Christ, holding their gifts. A large crowd of courtiers looks on from the background, including two children.

     The courtiers display widely differing expressions of wonder and delight. Rubens' painting is so realistic, not only due to his skill in depicting the human form in vivid proportion and color, but also because of the way the artist creates unique characters. With all the differing facial expressions and positions of the characters, for example, that of the child looking away from the scene and straight at the viewer of the painting, Rubens seems to have caught the scene of the Epiphany on camera.

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