10 Beautiful Virgin Mary Artworks by Sassoferrato

by Patrick Werick January 11, 2014 1 Comment

Not much is known about the Italian Baroque artist Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato. He's typically called Sassoferrato for short, which is the name of the place he came from in Italy. 

We've always appreciated his artwork here at Restored Traditions — there's a warmth and realism that melts even the coldest hearts. Three primary elements make his art appealing:

Simplicity – In today's world of shortening attention spans (did you read this far into the post?), people have a hard time soaking in a piece of artwork that has too much going on. Sassoferrato's paintings typically zero in on easy-and-quick-to-digest art themes. 

Warmth – The theme in a lot of his artwork shows the tenderness of the Virgin Mary's motherhood and femininity. Who doesn't love their mother? 

Vibrancy –  Let's face it, people tend to generally be more attracted to bright shiny things. Our Italian artist friend here really liked turning up the blues and reds with his paintbrush, while making warm and soft skins tones. On we now to the ten images:


1. Madonna and Child

The Virgin Mary tenderly holds the child Jesus in this painting. Our Lady has downcast eyes while the Christ child stares directly at the viewer with full and tender eyes.

Baby Jesus Looking at Viewer



2. The Madonna

A portrait of the Virgin Mary showing her in a blue veil with contemplative, downcast eyes

Virgin Mary Painting in Blue 



3. Madonna Annunciate

The Virgin Mary folds her hands in prayerful submission to the will of God.  

Our Lady Praying



4. Madonna and Child

Resting on white clouds, the Virgin Mary holds a sleeping child Jesus in this painting. Many of the artist's paintings are portraits, so it's interesting to see a work that's typically a portrait in art as a landscape. 

Our Lady Holds Sleeping Baby Jesus



5. Madonna and Child in Glory

This exceptionally bright painting shows an awake and thriving child Jesus playing on His mother's lap, while she sits on white clouds. The Virgin Mary wears vibrantly-colored red and blue clothes.

Our Lady Holds Our Lord



6. Madonna and Child

Painted in softer colors, this painting shows the Virgin Mary holding a sleeping child Jesus. Other paintings by Sassoferrato typically show the the Christ child nestled closer to his mother, while this one shows Him with his neck leaned back more.

Virgin Mary Holds Jesus Asleep



7. Madonna at Prayer

A portrait of Our Lady in softer colors, this lovely Catholic art artistically focuses solely on the Virgin Mary in a moment of prayer.  

Our Lady the Blessed Virgin Mary



8. Madonna at Prayer

A portrait of the Madonna with no halo, folded hands and downcast eyes very similar to this one but not the same.   

Virgin with Folded Hands Painting



9. Madonna at Prayer

This painting zooms out a bit more than the one above, while the colors are slightly less muted.  

Our Lady in Blue and Red



10. Madonna at Prayer

This version of the Madonna praying zooms out even more than the two paintings above. The blues and reds are also more vibrant, and Our Lady is looking in a different direction. 

Madonna in Blue and Red



And Himself, Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato

A self portrait of the Italian Baroque artist who painted all these beautiful paintings of the Virgin Mary and child Jesus in the 17th century.

Painting of the Artist

Patrick Werick
Patrick Werick


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mehari Desalegn
mehari Desalegn

February 15, 2017

my name is Mehari. I am from Africa. I love virgin mary very much she resolved me many of my problems. I was ill seriously for a long time and because of mary I am very well now.

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